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At Austin Sports Therapy (AST), we have one approach: To diagnose and develop a customized treatment plan, and get you active and pain free as quickly as possible. Typically, the treatment process at AST involves:

  • Evaluating the involved region with orthopedic tests, functional movement screenings, muscle testing, motion palpation or gait analysis.
  • Determining if an underlying structural or joint issue is contributing to the dysfunction requiring the need for further imaging. and order imaging (MRI, XRAY, CT scan, etc.).
  • Treating dysfunctions by reducing muscular contraction and tension, and restoring proper muscle and joint functionality by way of Active Release Technique, Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy, Cox Flexion Distraction, etc.
  • Providing outpatient treatment plans including specific stretches and strengthening exercises to ensure the injury doesn’t return
  • Re-evaluating patient progress and addressing questions and concerns throughout the specific treatment program.

Active Release Technique

Active release techniques logo

ART was developed specifically to deal with muscle and fascial dysfunction and injury.

Wear and tear on the body can damage muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Your body responds to this abuse by building up scar tissue which, over time, can lead to the formation of adhesions (fibrous areas of scar tissue) that may prevent muscles and joints from moving freely, as well as cause significant pain. Occasionally, these adhesions can contribute to the entrapment of nerves or refer pain to other areas of the body.

ART is an extremely accurate way to evaluate the functions of muscles, fasciae, tendons, ligaments and nerves surrounding the involved area. Treatment is then applied with specific tension and specific motion.

To learn more, visit activerelease.com

Cox Decompression Treatments

Cox decompression table

Cox therapy is used to decrease interdiscal pressure and increase the foraminal openings between vertebrae. During Cox Decompression Therapy, we control the Cox table with precise hands on movements in order to pin point the problem area and maximize efficiency. The machine moves slowly and gently in a specific path and has a variety of motions available to treat virtually any area of the spine.

If you suffer from disc pain or foraminal stenosis condition, spinal decompression is one of the best physical treatment options available. Cox Decompression is time tested and well tolerated. It is generally less expensive than other computerized forms of spinal decompression and might suit the needs of some patients better than other, less personal approaches. Best of all, any form of noninvasive decompression therapy allows the patient an alternative to back surgery.

Cox® Technic

  • is gentle, safe, and research-based.
  • is an “established technic” with data collection from nearly 30 years of diligent study by its founder, Dr. James M. Cox, DC, DACBR, and the many physicians who have studied with him.
  • is reported as “excellent” to “good” care by more than 70% of patients who were treated in the
  • 1000 cases study and 91% were improved within 3 months of care ~ this is the largest collection of patient data in a chiropractic technic.
  • delivers relief relatively quickly. From the same 1000 cases study, researchers report the average number of days to “maximum improvement” is 29 days. The average number of visits to “maximum improvement” is 12 visits. These averages may differ for individual conditions and patients.
  • relies on cooperation from the doctor (to be knowledgeable of diagnosis and proper treatment application) and from the patient (to make the appointments, to do home care, modify lifestyle as necessary).

Cox Technic is effective for the following conditions due to simple sprains, herniated discs and other causes.

  • cervical spine pain (neck, shoulder, arm, hand, finger, headache, whiplash)
  • thoracic spine pain (mid back)
  • lumbar spine pain (low back, leg, foot, toe, hip)

To read more about the Cox Technic, visit coxtechnic.com

Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy

Chiropractic manipulative therapy emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Using the most gentle and specific methods possible we manipulate the spine or extremities to normalize range of motion and proper biomechanical function.

HansOn Muscle Therapy (HMT)

HMT is a technique that integrates feedback from postural evaluation, range of motion assessment and specific muscle testing to localize areas of myofascial tension. HMT utilizes the patient feedback with muscle testing to select the primary points for each individual condition. This muscle feedback eliminates the “guesswork” in the selection of appropriate reflex points for the specific condition. Through advanced manual techniques, HMT uses trigger and/or acupressure points for immediate relief of muscular pain, tension and dysfunction. Deep intermittent pressure to a reflex point in a specific direction causes a form of “depolarization” and all local and/or referred pain and tension will completely disappear, leading to immediate restored function.

For more on HMT, visit http://www.fixpainhmt.com/.

Kinesiology/Performance taping

You have seen it on the trail, in the gym, and probably at the grocery store- that colored tape is real, and it works.  AST doctors are CPTP (certified power taping professionals), specializing in corrective, rehabilitative, and pain reducing techniques.  By understanding complex movement patterns and the decrease in performance that can arise from dysfunctional muscle groups, AST doctors just might throw some tape on you to speed up your recovery, or simply, speed you up!  What does this tape do?  By stimulating mechanoreceptors through our skin, fascia, and muscle, the applied rocktape can enhance movement and reduce pain by enhancing function in the desired areas.

Corrective Exercises

The doctors at AST have extensive knowledge of Corrective Exercises. Whether it is just one or two at-home exercises or a supervised routine, we will offer you the guidance you need to ensure your fix is a permanent one. Through our alliances with the best physical therapy clinics in the Austin area, we work together to ensure a detailed plan to expedite your progress in the best manner possible.

Medical Direction

We won’t work on you, unless we can fix you.

At AST we identify the cause of your symptoms and determine the correct plan of action, even if it is referring you to a specialist. We only work with the best so if AST can’t fix you (we don’t claim to be miracle workers), then we will find you someone who will.

Team AST: Performance and Rehab Membership

Our performance and rehab membership offers you top notch rehab and performance expertise on your time; anywhere.

Phase one: Injury Recovery

Our goal in this phase focuses on creating personalized rehab programs  in combination with safe workouts that keep you active and moving during your recovery.

  • Evaluation on-site or via Skype
  • review of all clinical notes, imaging studies & symptom patterns
  • design of treatment plan, medical integration and corrective exercise specific to
    athlete goals
  • weekly exercise and rehab protocol to include recommendations with sport
    specific coach and strength coach if applicable

Phase Two: Maintenance & Performance

 Our goal in this phase focuses on Sport Specific Rehab and Strength Training that helps you maintain your strength and improve your performance post rehab.

  • 1 Skype/FaceTime/phone per week (scheduled).
  • Customized  strength training program- CO-managed with strength & conditioning coaches
  • 1 treatment/workout per week when in austin

email astwestlake@gmail.com for more information and prices

On-Site Client Assessment and Program Intergration for Fitness Facilities

AST doctors will come to you to evaluate and provide specific recommendations on your client programs.

Customized On-Site Corporate Talks and Wellness Programs

More information coming soon!

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