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What is that crazy looking tape that so many people are wearing at the gym or on the trail these days?
This my friends is Kinesiology tape and has become a staple in the world of sports rehabilitation and

Although Kinesiology taping has been around since the 1970’s (invented by a Japanese chiropractor
named Dr. Kenzo Kase), it really made it’s debut in the 2008 summer Olympics with the Volleyball

Unlike conventional athletic tape that is designed to limit Range of Motion, Kinesiology tape is meant
to improve range of motion, enhance vascular improvement, decrease compensatory reactions, and
improves dynamic support of the muscles and joints.

How does this work you might ask? With respect to muscle injury, the tape acts to lift the skin
away from the fascia of the muscle which stimulates the mechanoreceptors in the skin and reduces
nociceptoin/pain. The lifting/decompression effect of the tape increases blood flow, decreases
congestion/edema and adds extra stimulation to the local mechanoreceptors, and improves the
function of the muscle. However, you don’t necessarily have to be injured to wear this tape. The tape
can also be used as a tool to improve athletic performance. We call this “Power Taping” and this is used
to enhance the kinetic chain of movement patterns that are specific to your sport.

There are several different kinds of Kinesiology tape, however the docs at Austin Sports Therapy prefer
to use Rock Tape. We feel it lasts longer, has more elastic properties to it, and is slightly thicker then
conventional kinesiology tapes.

The key to getting the most benefit out of taping techniques is to understand the anatomy of the
structures you are taping. Since purchasing tape over the counter has become very popular , we feel it
is important for people to know how to apply the tape properly to get the most benefit. That is why we
are hosting a FREE ROCKTAPE SEMINAR on Saturday January, 22nd at 10AM at Runtex!! Come out and
learn specific taping techniques that will help you overcome injuries and improve your performance.
FREE ROCKTAPE SAMPLES will be given to all who attend. The Docs will be there to answer any questions
you may have.

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About the Author

A native of Toronto, Canada, Dr. Thomson received her bachelor’s of science in kinesiology at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. Upon graduation she moved to Tennessee and completed her Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology. She then moved to California to work at Stanford University in the School of Medicine before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic West. She graduated magna cum laude in December of 2006 and practiced in San Jose, California while completing a post-doctorate degree as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner. Dr. Thomson moved to Austin in 2009 and specializes in diversified adjusting, Cox Technic, Active Release Technique (ART) and Hans On Muscle Therapy (HMT).