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Breaking Through the Brain-Pain Barrier


We’ve all been there before. You are trying your best to be an active human being and then it all goes wrong. From rolling an ankle, to getting hit by a pitch, to a slip and fall while walking. Our …

Common Injuries Seen with Triathletes


ITBS: IT Band Syndrome IT Band injuries are common in runners and causes pain on the lateral outer side of the kneePain can present itself as sharp pain or tightness pulling on the lateral side of the knee just below …

Back to School and Staph Infections


Back to school means sports are ramping up and two a day practices in the heat are in full swing. With the increased heat and sweat come germs. Many times, what starts as a small cut can turn into a …

Athlete Spotlight – Laura Sogar


Laura Sogar, USA Swimming A huge congratulations to AST athlete Laura Sogar who won Nationals last week in the 200M Breast Stroke. Laura was the 2013 NCAA Champion and since then has battled some injuries and setbacks. Just 9 months …

Staying Active in Austin


Have you ever wondered how many steps you should take each day in order to stay healthy? Is 10,000 steps a day enough? Many companies have implemented the 10,000-steps a day challenge in order to promote activity. 10,000 steps/day comes …

Common Dad Injuries


In recognition of Father’s Day, this month we’ll focus on the dads out there who have become injured far too often toting golf clubs on the course, or even the little ones around the house. Did you know that the …

Athlete Spotlight – Jamie Tout


Jamie Tout Still Going Strong The English Channel holds all kinds of special places in the endurance sports world. The English Channel is part of the Triple Crown of Endurance Sports that requires an athlete to complete the Hawaiian Ironman, …

Celebrate Mom


Don’t forget that it’s almost Mother’s Day! Celebrate Mom this weekend and let her know just how special she is and what she means to you.   My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am …

Post Baby Recovery


In office, we’ll see many expecting mothers during their pregnancy, all the way up to delivery. With the changes in weight distribution, ligament laxity, overall fatigue and stress on the body, there are a number of areas that regularly need to …

Good Luck in Boston!


AST would like to wish all of their Boston Marathon Runners the best of luck in this upcoming race! What a huge accomplishment to qualify for such a prestigious race. Run fast and have fun! by