Athlete Spotlight – Jamie Tout


Jamie Tout Still Going Strong

The English Channel holds all kinds of special places in the endurance sports world.

The English Channel is part of the Triple Crown of Endurance Sports that requires an athlete to complete the Hawaiian Ironman, run the Boston Marathon, and cross the English Channel. This achievement has only been accomplished once in history, by Austin’s own Jamie Tout.

Jamie Tout
The English Channel is also part of the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming that requires soloists to complete/swim the English Channel (21 miles), the Catalina Channel in Sothern California (20.2 mi), and the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (28.5mi). This achievement was first accomplished by Alison Streeter of the United Kingdom. It has since been accomplished by 103 other athletes.

Jamie may soon join this group of accomplished athletes if he is successful with his planned Catalina Channel crossing, scheduled for September 13th of this year. An injury involving the neck and shoulder causing significant numbness to the extremities all but sidelined Jamie and raised concern that Catalina would remain nothing but a dream. Thanks to AST, Jamie is on track to complete the last leg. Jamie will soon turn 62, and if it hadn’t been for some heart issues that developed in his 50’s, completing Catalina most likely would have been a distant memory. If he succeeds in September, it will have taken Tout 30 years to achieve the Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming. “Catalina is a comeback swim of sorts.”

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